Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Student's Day!

One of the first things I learned in Argentina is that they take little holidays, like Friendship Day and Children's Day very seriously. Because of this, I had no class today due to Student's Day! I think I will continue celebrating all of these days in the US when I get home.

Because of the long weekend, a bunch of us from Di Tella decided to go somewhere, and we decided on Colonia, Uruguay. Colonia used to belong to Brazil and much of its colonial heritage has been preserved (hence the name!).Its only a one hour ferry from the city so we booked tickets there and back for Sunday. When we got to the ferry in the morning, like all things in Argentina, there were lots of lines, different stations, forms, and confusion. We were there early, but we were all running down the dock to get the boat in time.

In an hour we were in Uruguay with a whole day ahead of us and nothing planned. We began to wander towards what we thought would be the downtown area and started walking by beautiful, bright, colonial houses. The streets were lined with trees and there were lots of old cars, including lots of VW bugs. We got lunch at a cafe and then divided into two groups; one headed to the beach and the other rented mopeds which were the popular method of travel in Colonia. I headed to the beach and relaxed as some sort of dune-sledding contest went on behind us. It was a very peaceful afternoon.

The best part of the day was the sunset over the water, it may have been the most beautiful I have ever seen. Then the stars came out and I realized that they look different down in this hemisphere!

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