Monday, September 7, 2009


Hello from the Southern Hemisphere!!

I can't believe I have officially been in Argentina for two months already! I decided it was time to fight the inconsistent internet access and my general lack of computer skills and finally start a blog, so here goes.

Right now I am living in the neighborhood Palermo in an apartment I share with an Argentinian woman named Gloria. The location is perfect, with a bunch of my friends only a few blocks away and easy Subte (subway) and colectivo (bus) access. Across the street from me is the Park of Las Heras which is always filled with people playing soccer, walking their dogs, or drinking "mate" (more on that later). Living with Gloria has been great because I get to practice my Spanish a lot and she has lots of good advice for making my way around the city.

My first month here was a bit all over the place with lots of changes to my plans due to Swine Flu. When I first arrived, the flu was a serious deal with some people walking around with face masks, but now it is almost forgotten as winter is nearly over. Lucky for me, I managed to have three weeks without classes due to schedule changes. I also still got to attend my intensive Spanish course for two weeks. The course itself wasn't particularly helpful, but it was a great way to make friends with all the other exchange students, most of whom are not from the states. There's about 100 of us at my university, Di Tella, and 50 took the course. We have people from Holland, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Italy, and more that I have forgotten. Needless to say we all find lots to talk about!

Now I am three weeks into my regular semester and classes have been better than expected. I have one class on 20th century Argentine literature that is pretty interesting because my professor is a complete nut. He really likes exchange students which is great because some professors at my school are not welcoming to non-native Spanish speakers as I learned quickly while shopping around for courses. Another class is on Peronism, the political philosophy started by Juan Peron in the 1940's that has carried on until today. Its a very controversial topic in Argentina and the class is interesting enough that I am willing to get up at 6:30AM to attend! My other class is on the history and culture of Argentina and is taught at a different University through Boston College, and my last class is at Di Tella and called Art and Culture of Modernity. This last class flies a bit over my head as the professor does not speak Spanish as clearly as my other professors. I also am having trouble deciphering the syllabus, but I overheard some Argentine students having trouble as well so I do not feel so bad! Overall I seem to be holding my own with my classes in Spanish, I may not be singing the same tune come exam time....

Well, that is my Argentina overview for now. I will try to go back and write a bit later on my homestay, trip to the Andes, and other sightseeing trips. There is lots to say about the crazy Argentine schedule (Dinner at midnight!?), traditional food, and history of the country. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me on my trip with well wishes and emails, I miss you all!

Much Love,

(Argentine translation: "Katy")

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